Distractotron’s Marvel Comics Epic Cosplay Video

So, one of my other costuming endeavors is being very active on a little forum known as the Superhero Costuming Forum. I assist with photoshoot planning and direction at our biggest con of the year, Dragon*Con, and recently I was made an Admin. This year, we had the fabulous opportunity to work with the guys from Beat Down Boogie and Distractotron, documenting some of our shoots and gatherings, including our two giant comic shoots, the Giant DC Photoshoot and the Giant Marvel Photoshoot. Each one brings literally hundreds of costumers of all skill levels and we get some fantastic group shots. It’s a heck of a gathering, especially when you count all the “regular” con-goers and photographers that come to see, and a ton of work has to go on behind the scenes to make the shoots and some special events at the shoots happen. This year we hosted a proposal (aided by Dean Cain himself!) and a wedding.


The guys at Distractotron recently uploaded their video from the Giant Marvel Photoshoot and the Avengers Assemble Photoshoot, which included a cameo by the incomparable Stan Lee! Excelsior!

Send the guys at Distratortron some love! And be sure to subscribe to their channel if you love seeing costume and con-related videos, as they still have a ton more to come. I do appear several time in the video, as I was one of three people helping to wrangle and arrange the hundreds of Marvel costumers into place. You’ll find me walking around in a pleated orange half cape in my Siryn costume.

Filigree How-to

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s get it started with a quick step-by-step tutorial!

So, I was recently asked to make another survival knife from Final Fantasy 13, and while watching some of the trailers for 13-2, it became clear that the caps on the handle were far more intricate than I had originally thought. It was time to do some raised filigree work!

First, I used a bit of scrap paper to create the shape templates I would need for the end caps. I then started sketching the design I wanted onto the templates.

I then cut out the shapes in styrene. Next, use graphite papaer or rub the filigree design onto the styrene. It will be rough and hard to see, so then go over these lines with a sharpie to get nice, clean guidelines. Next, grab some fabric paint and carefully draw it onto your guidelines. I used Tulip slick  in white for the finer lines and details like the oak leaves, and puffy in black for some of the thicker lines. I also went back after this photo and carefully drew in all along the edge of the upper cap to give a raised border. Allow this to fully dry.


Now, take the dry fabric paint and styrene contraptions and glue them down to whatever you’ll use as the base for your mold. I used foamcore this time. Build up the edges to hold your silicone, and mold as usual. Since this is for a bent piece, and I cast this as a flat piece, when casting I did not leave the resin in the mold for the full cure time. It will take a little experimentation, but resin can be removed before it has fully hardened and shaped as you see fit. Wait until the resin has become opaque, no longer feels remotely tacky when touched with a glove and bends like underdone pasta. If the resin seems to stretch as you try to remove it, it is not ready yet, just leave it a little longer. Once pulled from the mold, I simply pressed the resin pieces onto the knife handle where they will eventually rest.

Here we have, from right to left, the original styrene and fabric paint base, the mold and the resin casting after being formed around the handle. The handle also sports two more casts. Now simply paint and assemble!






Here are two casts, up top is a primed cap with a brown base-coat, below is the result after dry-brushing the cap with gold.















Speaking of dry-brushing, I also made a quick video demo on the subject:


Hope this has been helpful, stay tuned for some new projects and some exciting news about the studio!