Personal projects, since sometimes I like to do things for ol’ number one.

So, while commissions are curing/drying, I scrape some time to work on personal projects. I’ve been slowly putting together Lightning, and have an update on the pauldron. The one I did the tutorial on, while an excellent visual tutorial, turned out to be way too small, so I had to sculpt a new one from scratch. I nearly have it done, just need to do the final straps to attach it to the coat (these in the photo are just placeholders) and order some EL wire to rig up and it’ll be ready to wear!

Also, I’ve been working on a costume for Idunn, goddess of immortality, from the Marvel comics series, Thor, since she recently got a new and kick arse outfit:


I’ve got the horns sculpted and three of them cast up, and I started on the center piece. I backed some eva foam in cardstock, engraved in the patterns and added the raised ovals with some carefully applied hot glue blobs and..voila!


Going to re-do the gem in proper resin, that one is just a quick hot glue gem.


Well, that’s it for tonight, But there will certainly be more to show over the next week.

Stay classy