Completed NORA necklace and others

This is a little late (as I sent this baby out over a week ago now), but here we go:


Fun little project, and a great piece to work on my resin casting work, since it involved 13 identical bits.


Improved the engagement necklace a bit, made the in-game version of the chain and added rhinestones to the top ring (the one which holds it on the chain). Need to work on the ol’ photography though I’m afraid, these pieces all look so much better in person.

Now something just for fun! I’ve been doing so many jewelry commissions and have picked up quite a few little techniques, so I’ve decided to do a little something just for me. Still feeling around for what I want to do with the design, but pleased so far with all of the elements.


Lovecraft inspired, going for something lovely but chaotic, with kinda an algae covered, just pulled from the depths sorta look. Going to pop out the clear rhinestones on the eyes and swap them with ones that are more amber colored.

That’s all from me for today, hoping to work on more costuming things over the weekend, so perhaps you’ll see some non-jewelry things here soon. Not sure whether I’ll be working on Lightning or Batgirl though..hrm..