Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: Yes! My props have made the journey over the pond many times. I have no trouble shipping props internationally. However, please bear in mind the cost and time to process and ship will increase according to the varying procedures per country.

Q: What sort of things can you make?

A: I am willing to try nearly anything, however, given my limited space, facilities and tools, there are a few things I cannot do. I cannot create props requiring fiber glassing, lathing, vacu-forming or milling. Anything else I will at least consider.

Q: Do you offer resin kits of your pieces?

A: Yes! I am currently working on getting a few kits up onto the site, in the mean time, generally anything I have created that required a mold can be purchased as a kit. Just drop me an inquiry using the form in “Commissions” and mention you’d like the piece in kit form.

Q: Okay..what is a kit?

A: A kit is a raw, unsanded, untrimmed, unpainted, unassembled resin cast of a piece. The piece will need to be finished by the buyer. This is great for folks who have the time and skills to complete these pieces and want to save a bit of cash.

Q: The price you quoted me in too high for my budget, can you cut a few corners to make a less detailed but cheaper option?

A: I prefer to not cut back on quality. I understand the limitations of budget, but it is not my policy to put out a piece unless I am sure it is of the best quality I could achieve at that time. I place my name and reputation on everything I send out, and I cannot with good conscience send out a sub-par piece. I also have a very limited amount of work I can produce at any given time, so as a craftsman I’d like to fill that workload with pieces I can pour all of my skills into and challenge myself to make things of top quality.


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