Joy Sutton has been creating props, jewelry, armor and plush replicas for clients since 2010. She focuses in creating replicas from Video Games,, Comics Film and Anime with an emphasis on high detail and accuracy.

A long time fan of comics and gaming, Joy has also worked as an illustrator and character designer both freelance and on contract. Joy is also an avid costumer and has created costumes and props since she was a teenager. She is an admin for The Superhero Costuming Forum and helps to organize and direct photoshoots at her home convention, Dragon*Con. When not not trying to figure out how to fabricate her latest project, she fills the hours with games, movies and comics, sharing her enthusiasm for nerdery with her husband, Jay. She also holds a B.S. in Biology and will be pursuing a Masters focusing in Ornithology, Conservation and Wildlife Management.

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