Product Review: Apoxie Sculpt

Got another product review! This week I’d like to talk about Apoxie Sculpt from Aves.

This is a two part sculpting epoxy putty. It has the consistency somewhere between sculpey and plastalina when mixed. The kit comes with two parts, in two colors to make it easier to see when they are mixed fully. To prep the putty for work, you simply knead together equal pieces of the two parts until it is one color. The work time on this particular variety is 2-3 hours, which is plenty of time to do most sculpting work, if you need longer, simply work in sections. The putty hardens in 24 hour and will have a smooth, satin like finish.

The putty is very fine grained, and will take details very well. The directions say to work with gloves, and I tried this on my first test sculpt, and it’s a slight annoyance when working with details and smoothing. I have seen other creators work apoxie bare-handed , but you didn’t hear me personally tell you to do it. Aves also sells a solvent to deal with any apoxie left on your tools and workspace, but I have not given it a try yet. The putty doesn’t stick to tools too badly and comes off easily enough while uncured.

Once cured, the sculpt will be very hard, at least as hard as the resins I work with. It also sticks to nearly anything when it cures, so make sure you have it on something you either want it to stick to or you don’t mind destroying. I used an index card since I have hundreds left over from studying for my Bio degree. The fully cured apoxie can be sanded just like resin and presents a firm but smooth sanding surface.

Here is a piece I whipped up to try the Apoxie out, just a random swirl design, took about five minutes to sculpt and only required a few passes with the jewler’s file to sand a few jagged bits.


The verdict: A+  Apoxie will be a staple in the studio. I can see why so many creators work with it, an easy to use and durable product, and will fill the need I have for a sculpting material I can build up onto other materials and not have to bake in order to harden.

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  1. Tiffany Sun says:

    Could you use Apoxie as a casting material as well as sculpting? Like, could I make a mold of an Apoxy sculpt and using the remaining Apoxy Sculpt to make identical copies?

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