Full Metal Alchemist – Ed’s Automail

Long time no see! The big con of the yea for me has finally wound down. I had several rush commissions leading up to the con, plus I help organize and direct some very large photoshoots at my home con, DragonCon, so I’ve been quite lax in updating here.

Today I have the shots of the completed automail from a commission a couple months ago.

The piece was created in a combination of double layered wonderflex, resin, stretch metallic vinyl, spadex and some random colored hoses and heat shielding.

Look forward to more posts of completed work to start trickling in! Just waiting for photos from my clients!


The Commission queue also now has slots again!

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4 Responses to Full Metal Alchemist – Ed’s Automail

  1. Absolutely beautiful work! Will there be a forthcoming WIP post? I’d love to see how you built this!

  2. Wow….nice work….well written and great photos. Glad you have found The Engineer Guy for your WONDERFLEX. Have you tried working with FOSSHAPE? And FYI….we are currently working on developing an additional WONDERFLEX type material, thicker, with no fabric mesh on either side, so works well for round/compound shapes and translucent, so it can be back lighted.

    • joy says:

      Thank you! TEG are great folks, I get 90% of my materials from them since they’re a quick delivery and super helpful. I have a couple of samples of FOSSHAPE I keep meaning to play around with. And a new, thicker, smoother WF sounds fabulous! I’ll certainly be trying that out once it goes to production.

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