Product Review: Cast Magic powders

Just got a shipment of some new supplies, put together some samples and a quick video review to help other casters out there!


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  1. Dixie says:

    Hi Joy! I just watched your review of Cast Magic Powders (and love your website by the way…) and you seem to be the most qualified person to answer my questions about metallic effects with metal powder and resin. I make keepsake boxes (see website for reference) as a hobby but have grown bored with only woodburning and painting the boxes; I’d like to add another dimension. I recently got an idea of incorporating metal inlay into the boxes for another dimensional effect; so far it’s very labor intensive. Recently I’ve been pouring over You Tube regarding resin usage and got the idea of, instead of painting, doing shallow relief carving in the wood and inlaying resin…experimenting is still in progress.

    However, I stumbled upon your review of Cast Magic Powders and I have two questions I hope you can help me with. 1) since I won’t be “molding” but inlaying directly into the wood (I believe there will be some distortion from the curing process on the top surface), do you think I would be able to sand and polish the resin smooth enough to get metallic effect that you got in your review? 2) if the ratio of metallic powder is high enough to the resin to create a higher density of metal within the resin, after sanding and polishing (if “yes” is the answer to #1), how convincing, to the eye, would it look like a real metal inlay?

    I know this is a random request but I value your opinion in this matter. Thank you!!

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