Lightning’s Pauldron – With lights!

So, after some help from my husband on the soldering, I’ve finally got the Pauldron glowing!


Lights on in normal lighting:


Lights on in dim lighting:


Lights off:


Love love love this wire! The batterypack/control box is going to go in a pocket inside my vest so I can reach in and shut the lights off as needed. Much love to the guys at for an excellent product.

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2 Responses to Lightning’s Pauldron – With lights!

  1. Jasmine says:

    Oh man. this is just perfect. How much do you think it’d cost to commission one of these? ‘Cause seriously this is top notch work!

  2. Ashelia says:

    Hey Joy !!

    Ok I am seriously astounded and itching to figure out how much you are charging for one of these as a commission ! <3

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