Showcase – Sawa’s Earrings from Kite

So, these babies were completed a while ago, however I had some issues with wordpress login for a bit. Error has been fixed, so without further ado:


  • Sculpey
  • Acrylic Gems
  • Faux Pearls (they started white)
  • Basic Findings
  • Hypo-Allergenic Hoop Earrings
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3 Responses to Showcase – Sawa’s Earrings from Kite

  1. Chrissie Lareina says:

    Wow awesome! I’m a bit jealous xD because they came out very pretty! Good job

    Not sure wat sculpey is (I’m from the Netherlands so going to figure it out :P) perhaps I will try to make them myself too,probably won’t be as good though :P anyway thanks for sharing this on the web!


  2. Shelly says:

    Are you selling these?

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